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Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through”. Jacques Plante

Fuel is proud to offer position specific content for goaltenders. A true sport inside a sport, the need for goaltenders to be in the right mindset is paramount to their ability to stop the puck. Fuel goalies follow our three step system which consists of daily video primers, weekly assignments, and monthly podcasts. Daily primers consist of audio from some of the top personal growth and performance coaches in the world layered over video of goaltenders keeping the puck out of the net. Weekly assignments are designed by  Steve Brown and presented by Fuel goaltending consultant Brian Daccord. Brian is currently an NHL goaltending scout and a former NHL goaltending coach with over 20 years of experience in training elite goaltenders. Monthly podcasts are conversations featuring Steve Brown and Brian Daccord and target the needs of aspirating goaltenders. These workshops are approximately 30 minutes in length and are available online.


This weeks Assignment…

Week 10 (11.10.19)

In this week’s assignment Steve Brown challenges goalies to pick a skill they are trying to develop and then imagine that they are watching themselves perform that skill. Have a great week and… Think FAST, Play FAST and #BeFAST.


For goalies nothing is better than watching the best in the business stop pucks. I highly recommend all goalies to watch the NHL game highlights. Game highlights are traditionally three to four minutes of saves and goals and goalies can learn so much about the game and position by watching. Watch the https://www.nhl.com/info/network everyday and you can also watch game highlights and saves of the week on the NHL youtube channel as well as the NHL website at www.nhl.com

Think FAST, Play FAST, Be FAST

Septembers podcast will feature Fuel co-founder and success coach Steve Brown with Fuels goaltending consultant Brian Daccord. Our first topic of the year will be about setting up your goals for the season. Knowing the ins and outs of goal setting will help you get off to a great start as you will learn the four principals of setting goals, what goalies should focus on and what to stay away from. Enjoy!

Coming Soon…

Think FAST, Play FAST, Be FAST